Restaurants and hotel owners who that want to increase their brand loyalty, profit and market share must have an unbeatable menu.  It is extremely vital to plan a menu, which will positively impact your customers, clients and in turn impact the profitability. Sampark is a recognized consultant with  years of experience providing restaurant and menu service development services.We, at sampark specialize in menu planning and Menu Development Services for the efficient running of an outlet. We have an immense experience in menu research and development and have done this for plenty of hotels and restaurants already. 

Our Menu  Development Services Include:

           ·         Menu Research & Development

            ·          Nutritional Analysis & Menu Calorie Labeling

            ·          Vendor Selection

            ·          Raw Material Recommendations

·         Menu Design & Menu Costs/Pricing

·         Product Mix Projections

·         Plateware Selection &  Glassware Selection

·         Take-out Packaging Recommendations

·         Presentation design

Our team of restaurant and hotel consultants know what compelling looks like in the today's restaurant landscape as well as how to develop such a menu while keeping both food and labor costs at manageable levels through recipe ideation, testing to training and new menu development

What are you waiting for? Let us help you with your unique menu needs today!