If you are running a hotel then you will experience better profitability when you focus on increasing revenue generated by each room you sold. At the majority of hotels, the main source of revenue is room sales, while secondary sources of revenue can make a significant contribution to the bottom line as well. Generating profit in a hospitality setting involves making new strategies to impact the bottom line. This is where Sampark Create Extra Revenue Centre Services comes into the picture. I For a hotel, we provide effective Revenue Centre Services which can generate revenue plus incur costs.

Food & Beverages

Do you know about 55 to 85% of a full-service hotel’s income is generated by room sales? Yes, it is true. We, at Sampark, can help you make profits from the sale of food, alcohol as well as non-alcoholic beverages in your hotel, restaurants, lounges, mini-bar, banquet rooms, etc.

Pick-Up/Drop-Off Service

If your hotel is situated outside city centers, then we can offer a complimentary pick-up and drop-off service for your guests.

Other extra revenue services include Restaurants, bars & lounges, Banqueting facilities, events and so on.

Revenue coming from these sources can have a huge impact on your hotel’s bottom-line and in turn, profitability.